Dangling wires and meatworks poetry

Consumerism All societies produce waste. Historians believe that one of the reasons nomadic Hunters and Gathers moved on, is because they had fouled their campsites. White goods such as stoves, fridges. Cars and computers become outdated after about three years to keep up demand for new products.

Dangling wires and meatworks poetry


A dry erase assignment? Jonaid Sharif is an an Afghan American. Taught and worked as an English teacher and department chair in the States from to and is a fan and supporter of Mass Poetry's work. His poems have appeared in numerous journals.

He studies creative writing at Goddard College, and is a former poetry editor for the literary journal, Duende. The Embalmer first published in Bird's Thumb I.

When I close my eyes, I am the one preparing my grandfather, moving around his body, hands gloved in the scent of latex. I am a priest, chanting psalms, swinging urns of incense—flower and musk.

I stretch out his arms and legs, rub away the rigor mortis. I part his opened lips, find a tongue inside swollen like a blackberry, and I become a Buddhist wailing, releasing a soul protected into the afterlife. I prepare the formalin to fill his veins, as he lies in his cedar coffin.

I tuck in his lips, stitch them shut. When I open my eyes, I am shaping a body.

Dangling wires and meatworks poetry

I lay my wet hands on the moistened slab, the wheel turning and turning, as I pull with equal pressure, folding down and lifting. The width of my hand creates the slight bend of a waist, a long neck.

Inside, I will put the flowers from his grave. Orchids delicately leaning, their petals shaped like droplets, hydrangeas spinning up and up, the roses we threw onto his coffin. Angela Siew is a multilingual poet and teacher originally from Princeton, NJ.

Earth Gray paint, blue and turquoise, green, a clouded world with fishing line attached to an old light, original to the house, faux brass chipping, discolored, an ugly thing. What must the people of this planet think, the ground knobby and dry, the oceans blue powder, the farmland stiff and carefully maintained.

Sometimes they spin one direction, then back again. How the coyotes howl. How the people learn to love, regardless. The majesty of their own towering hearts. The mountains, which they agree are beautiful. And the turquoise — never has there been such a color, breaking into precious and semi-precious stones.

They build houses from them, grand places of worship, and there is much to worship. Look up, for instance. The wonder of it. First one, then the next, eclipsing the possibility that their world hangs by a thread.

Skolfield is the poetry editor for Amherst Live and a contributing editor at the literary magazines Tupelo Quarterly and Stirring. She teaches writing to engineers at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, where she earned her Master of Fine Arts.

Dangling wires and meatworks poetry

The Amoeba Game I stood at the stove holding a wooden spoon in my right hand, listening to butter sputtering against the splattered circle of an egg.

In the front yard of the scout cabin, one girl at a time would become an amoeba and lead the rest. So it was that our heads and arms became legs and feet, undulating wayward into dusk. Late afternoon lessons in his cellar, first the basics rapped out on rubber pads, then rolls, drags, flams, paradiddles and ratamacues.

Moving on to a real kit and the flair of fills, underbelly routines of the bass and flights between cymbals, crash and sizzle. While I practiced, he scribbled on charts for his quintet -- Thursdays at the Knotty Pine and weddings on weekends.

No lessons for most of the summer after his heart attack. Autumn rain, water seeping up between linoleum tiles, staining the peeling baseboards.

Mold and mildew, back beat and double time.NEAP ENGLISH NOTES: POEMS OF ROBERT GRAY. The Neap English Notes for Poems of Robert Gray has been specifically written for students of HSC English studying the .

Commentary on Poems set for the HSC and VCE exam. I have written these brief but I hope suggestive notes to ease my conscience, on finding that poems I made many years ago, for my own pleasure, are now a cause of anxiety to students.

Robert Gray Poetry Visual Triggers of Gray's Poetry Related Texts Personal Responses of Gray's Poetry HSC Resources - Exams Creative Writing Activity Prescribed Poems of Robert Gray These are the prescribed poems you must know for your area of study HSC!

North Coast Town: Late Ferry: Flames and Dangling Wires: Next thing, I wake up in . ENGLISH 2 UNIT GENERAL PAPER 2 RESPONSES TO LITERATURE Time allowed—Two hours (Plus 5 minutes reading time) DIRECTIONS TO CANDIDATES • Attempt THREE questions, ONE from Section I and TWO from Section II.

• Attempt only ONE Poetry, ‘Flames and Dangling Wire’. Aug 26,  · Poetry turnst(y)le: The Meatworks by Robert Gray Robert Gray is one of my much loved Australian poets.

His poetry has always made me want to ride a . Discovery – an Area of Study has a strong conceptual focus and textual evaluation of how composers develop and effectively convey abstract ideas in varied ways. Photocopiable student worksheets are provided throughout the book making this an invaluable resource for study.

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