Essays on dracula and women

Hire Writer Again, it is clear that Mina is also intellectually strong, as after being turned, she gains an insight into the childish mind of Dracula. As a mature woman, she decides that she should not know of the future actions of the group, since she believes that what she knows Dracula knows, and vice-versa. Mina is intellectually perceptive, and this is made clear when she asks Jonathan to promise her that he should inform her of no more.

Essays on dracula and women

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Discuss possible answers to this question with reference to at least two critical or theoretical essays and at least two tellings' of the Dracula story.

Stoker constructs the vampire as an embodiment of threat by surpassing his Gothic novelist predecessors to bring the threat of the Gothic home to Victorian England Arata This in turn crosses the boundary between what is foreign and what is national; and Essays on dracula and women East and West.

Dracula is open to many interpretations, each accompanying their own boundaries the Vampire threatens. Marxist's view Dracula as a metaphor for capitalism, whilst the queer perspective views it as a struggle between homosexuality and heterosexuality.

Others such as Auerbach argue that "Dracula is in love less with death or sexuality than with hierarchies, erecting barriers hitherto foreign to vampire literature; the gulf between male and female, antiquity and newness, class and class, England and non-England, vampire and mortal, homoerotic and heterosexual love, infusing its genre with a new fear: This essay is arguing that Dracula does cross all of those fore-mentioned barriers, as well as crossing a myriad of others.

The essay is using the novel Dracula by Bram Stoker and the film version of Dracula by Tod Browning as the literary base from which the boundaries are derived and analyzed. Other boundaries threatened are; familial boundaries including maternal and paternal roles; pre-oedipal and oedipal, as well as the boundaries between child and adult.

Sexual and human taboo boundaries are threatened, incorporating masculine and feminine as well as gender boundaries. The boundary between conservative and liberatory is threatened, evident in the contrast between Victorian women and the new woman.

The threat of conflict between desire and fear; sanity and insanity; the realm of the unconscious versus the conscious, are all evident in the boundary between self and other; and Christianity is also threatened in Dracula.

Essays on dracula and women

This essay analyses the threat these boundaries face from a historical perspective; a psychoanalytical lens primarily Freud and Lacanian ; queer and gender studies analysis; Jungian approach; and a Marxist interpretation, to assess the preternatural jeopardy the Vampire embodies.

It is however important to note that the boundaries in Dracula are not as clear cut as suggested: Sexuality in Dracula comes under extreme threat. The social normative's surrounding Victorian sexuality are displaced and the reader is left to face up to what they fear the most; deviant forms of sexuality and gender identity distortion.

This is witnessed in the conflict between Dracula, and Van Helsing and his entourage; the Crew of Light.

Dracula - Essay

Their conflict arises over a duel to see who is able to assert more power over women, both sexually and intellectually, gender functions that are woven tightly into Victorian ideals about masculine and feminine counterparts; as shown by Lucy.

The killing of Lucy is a powerful reinstatement of male sexual dominance. Lucy poses a threat by exposing herself as a danger to sexual propriety; a threat to Victorian ideology - "Why can't they let a girl marry three men or as many as want her?

Once infected by Dracula, Lucy becomes sexually overt and aggressive; and is portrayed as a monster and a social outcast. She transforms into the 'Bloofar Lady' and feeds on children making her the maternal antithesis as well as a child molester Jones, p.

In order to rectify Lucy's condition she is sexually overpowered by her fiancee Holmwood; he penetrates her to death with a stake through the chest, a staking which is overtly sexual in interpretation, as "the thing in the coffin writhed; and a hideous, blood-curdling screech came from the opened red lips.

The body shook and quivered and twisted in wild contortions; the sharp white teeth champed together till the lips were cut, and the mouth was smeared with a crimson foam He looked like a figure of Thor as his untrembling arm rose and fell, driving deeper and deeper" Stoker p.

This sexual innuendo restores the Victorian balance of sexual penetration from the female domain back its accepted station within the male domain. Showalter interprets the killing as a gang rape, done with "impressive phallic instrument" p.

Here displacement a woman's body and sublimation these are medical penetrations permit the unpermitted, just as gang rape men share their semen in a location displaced sufficiently to divert the anxiety excited by a more direct union" Craft, p. This regression of female penetration has some basis within Freudian research into dreams.

Nightmares, according to Freudian psychoanalysis, result from sexual oppression and occur most commonly in virgins, widows and nuns; and that the remedy is found in the love of a good or bad man Jones, p.

Dracula represents deviant sexuality. Dracula displays the breakdown of normal gender roles posed by the New woman, by creating a physical transformation from the sexually passive woman into the sexually aggressive vampire in his victims Hendershot p.


Hendershot argues that this would have evoked anxiety in those members of society still upholding the Victorian values, as gender identity expectations were being redefined, and the clear distinction between the sexes provided a comfort zone Hendershot p.Nov 01,  · The main characters include Count Dracula and a small group of men and women led by Dr.

Van Helsing. Count Dracula is the antagonist character of the novel, and is a vampire. The group of men and women led by Dr. Van Helsing are the main protagonist characters. Essay on bhartiya sanskriti in gujarati the saints and the roughnecks essay help shooting an elephant essay text head lifeguard essay a cover page for an essay modi in swachata abhiyan essay keele university nursing mentorship essays, a factual statement essay atrocities on women essayists, essay edit activity on strava living as a true muslim.

Bram Stoker’s Dracula mirrors the gender and sexual anxieties as well as the cultural fears of the late nineteenth century relating to the perception of women in society, while Angela Carter’s story “The Lady of the House of Love” portrays the exact same objectification a hundred years later.

. Women are the primary focus of Dracula because he cannot control his sexual needs, and this is a weakness of Dracula’s. READ: Oliver Twist Essay Stoker uses the pursuit of two women as a double plot structure, since he follows the effects of Lucy and repeats the same to Mina.

What boundaries does the Vampire threaten? Discuss possible answers to this question with reference to at least two critical or theoretical essays and at least two tellings' of the Dracula story. In this article we will examine the role of sexuality in Bram Stokers Dracula and how major a role it plays in the book.

be a wife and a mother but when she is infected and Dracula is alive she is an intelligent women who is an integral member of the group who destroys Dracula.

and mimicry in Bram Stoker’s Dracula. (Critical essay.

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