How to write a magazine spread

Nikola May 4, 7 Comments Magazine spread is two pages that are next to each other.

How to write a magazine spread

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At the beginning your creations and designs may look poor but don't worry. As the time passes you'll get used to Microsoft Word interface and expose your creativity. First of all,you must learn more about Microsoft Word if you are new to Microsoft Office software.

Because we'll use Microsoft Word to create our magazine covers and in our tutorials mostly. Please go to How to Use Microsoft Word page to begin learning. If you'd like to watch our video tutorial,please click here.

Assuming you're familiar with Microsoft Word,we can begin our article tutorial. Click "Page Layout" on the top menu. Then we need to set up our margins.

Click "Margins" on the sub-menu. On the very bottom of the sub-menu,click "Custom Margins".

how to write a magazine spread

Now let's just set the "top,bottom,right and left" margins to "0". Ok,our magazine cover page layout is done. We should add some attractive and good-looking texts as our magazine cover title. A quality magazine needs a quality title. This is the most entertaining part of creating a magazine.

Click "Insert" on the top menu. Then click "Wordart" on the sub-menu. This great feature will present our magazine's title.

Pick one of the great wordart styles. A new text will appear on your page and it says "Enter Your Text Here". Click on it and enter your magazine title.

In our video tutorial,we called our title "My Great Magazine". When you're done with it,move it to the top-center of your page. Now we need some effects for our title. When your title is selected,click "Text Effects" under the "Wordart Styles" sub-menu.

A new menu will appear and you'll be able to see the effects for your title. Just click one of them and add a good-looking effect to your title according your wish. Step 3-Adding Attractive Shapes and Photos to Your Magazine Cover Now we need some short descriptive texts,interesting shapes and photos to make our cover colourful.

A professional magazine must have a great cover. In this case,photos and texts have a big importance. Click insert at the top menu.

Article Tutorial

Click shapes on the sub-menu and the shapes menu will appear. Pick one that you like most. Circle or circle-like shapes are recommended because it's edges are soft and we'll put a small title in it. After you pick your shape,draw it by holding your left mouse button on the page.

Document Layout

Then move it under your main magazine title but don't resize it too big and we recommend placing it on left-center of the page. Click "Shape Fill" button on the sub-menu and you'll see the colour choices. This will adjust your shapes colour.

After adjusting your shape's colour,you can add some effects to your shapes under the "Shape Effects" button on the same sub-menu. Right click on the shape and click "Add Text". Now you're able to add a text as a sub-title for your magazine cover. This option will make your cover look more professional and good-looking.How the Horrific Flu Spread Across America The toll of history’s worst epidemic surpasses all the military deaths in World War I and World War II combined.

InDesign Magazine Templates: download professional, clean and modern creative layouts, browse for ideas, make your own magazine in no time with our templates.

Sports Afield is a Big-Game Hunting Magazine and Adventure Magazine for the enthusiast! We provide hunting stories and news as well as resources for quality. Mar 23,  · Spread glue along the edge and fold over one last time. Cut along the edge until you have a thin strip.

Create about 30 strips before you begin the rolling process. Magazine spread for a hypothetical high-end architecture/interior design magazine. I wanted to integrate a physical environment into my layout, so I took to a wall with some yellow paint and a camera. Magazine layout by Blair Howards Posts about Layout for Print written .

magazine 2 by Ali Jawish, via Behance Such a lovely magazine spread (I assume it's a spread about food). It's so beautifully configured. Unity in this piece is created through proximity and continuation, primarily.

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