Native american mascot essay

Submit No, absolutely not. Let's get the "Redskins" mascot out of the way:

Native american mascot essay

American Indians as Mascots Recognizing that inaccurate history often subtly promotes continuing white supremacy, the National Education Association NEA commissioned these articles and has posted some of them in slightly different form at its website.

I thank Harry Lawson and others at NEA for the commission, for editorial suggestions, and for other assistance.

Mascots - Native Circle

Across the country, schools used to give their athletic teams tribal names or generic American Indian terms. Whites in Native garb and covered with Native symbols like eagle feathers served as mascots. The Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian used these two images to advertise a symposium critiquing the use of Native Americans as mascots and sports images.

Students can think about how the first image is no longer OK though it was in the Nadirwhile the second image still circulates.

I simply believe that...

In the last twenty years, Native Americans and non-Native allies have challenged these traditions. From now on, such mascots, symbols, and names will be controversial.

Never again can they unify students and communities as they did. Teachers can help students become more knowledgeable about this issue and more sympathetic to those challenging the practice.

Students at schools not burdened by these symbols may need this sensitivity to avoid ridiculing real Natives when such students play teams still beset by these mascots. Students will also want to understand the recurring disputes about such nationally-known teams as the Cleveland Indians, Washington Redskins, and Florida State Seminoles.

Historically, most teams that use Native mascots chose to do so during the Nadir of race relations. Earlier essays have mentioned the Nadir; the next one treats it directly. During this eraNative Americans sank to their lowest numbers; their cultures, languages, and land bases were also endangered.

Native american mascot essay

Meanwhile, eugenics, a "science" that "explained" Native defeat as genetically ordained, rose to its zenith. White appropriation of Native symbols reflects the intense racism of that era.

Like the "Improved Order of Red Men," using 19th-century American Indian images as mascots implies that Natives are a thing of the past. Some fans claim that they use terms like "Redskins" or "Braves" as signs of their deep respect for Native peoples and traditions.

Often the staunchest fans stoop to say the harshest things about Native objections. Surely the worst term is "Redskins. No one would say it in everyday conversation. Among the members of a recent House of Representatives, for example, were two Native Americans, or perhaps "American Indians," but certainly not two "redskins.

Instead, many non-Natives infer that they can do as they please, since Natives are such a small minority anyway. In the process, they claim the right to use Native imagery as they wish, even though they are not Native.Oct 08,  · Native American names and symbols have long been popular for all types of American sports teams at the professional, college and high school levels.

Native american mascot essay

Think of the Cleveland Indians, Atlanta Braves and Washington Redskins. Sep 22,  · Then there are the mascots. Pressure to eliminate Native American-themed nicknames and mascots from California’s schools has been around since at least the s. For Americans to have sports names and mascots that degrade Native Americans and poke at their spirituality and culture is JUST as tasteless and offensive as it would be if the descendants of Nazi.

Native Americans Essay

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The Debate Regarding the Use of Native American Mascots Essay Words | 6 Pages. competition, have a mascot. It is the mascot that represents the competitive .

In my survey of MascotDB, percent of the Native American mascots and team names did belong to colleges, but almost all of those colleges did not belong to the NCAA.

CAPT: Native Americans as Mascots