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Oh write at blogspot

Classroom Tour As promised, I am back with a classroom tour. This was actually my classroom in May of last school year. I thought you'd rather see these than walls with no student work on it yet.

So this is the view of the front of the class from the door. I have them sit in table groups. This is from the front door showing the back of the room. I love this huge window because I can see when the principal is coming.

The U-table is where I do all my interventioning. Oh and sidenote on those mailboxes:: See how I had to add 3 trays because I had 33 kiddos last year?!

A close up of the window. I changed the numbers after I made some cuter ones for this year. The greenhouses from Lakeshore are my fav!

I found a few sets in their warehouse. It's kinda like a themed board that the kids can post on. I also have my reading area here.

My mission is to make this library a little more inviting. It's kind of sad looking in my opinion. This is also the corner where all my literacy center activities for the kids are housed. I also have another wall up there to display work. It's kind of hard to see but the white strips on his hat have word families written on them.

oh write at blogspot

I have always wanted a tree, so this year I gave myself one. The project is from some cute blogger out there I can't remember who.

Webkandii.com - Everyone's reading it.

Please let me know so I can credit them. High Frequency Word Wall and some classroom news. Behind the blue pocket chart in the last picture is my bookcase with TEs and M-F tubs I would pay full price for these though!

I know the wall looks a little cluttered but I love putting up all the little notes and pictures my kidlets give me through the year. Here is the other window on the door wall. You can see the writing table, my little teacher corner, and the birthday balloons.

Writing table and can I please vent to all the ocd teachers out there?!Ohio Homeschool Assessments--I complete end of the year narrative assessments for Ohio homeschoolers. I blog about ideas for home educators. Oh, writing. The Good Copy is a writing school, a publisher and a shop for word people.

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