Sharepoint project management

Applications[ edit ] SharePoint usage varies from organization to organization.

Sharepoint project management

The role of the Project Management Office PMO in organizations continues to be essential for the ongoing review and management of the critical investments enterprises are making in their infrastructure, business process automation and in the communication and collaboration with their customers and suppliers.

Organizations continue to grow their investments in project portfolio management practices to better align work with strategic goals and to better manage stakeholder budgets and expectations. Project Portfolio A Project Portfolio contains all the projects that an organization creates to meet strategic business Sharepoint project management.

Project Portfolio Management Portfolio Management is the centralized management of processes, methods, and technologies used by project managers and project management offices PMOs to analyze and collectively manage current or proposed Sharepoint project management based on certain metrics and key performance indicators KPIs set by an organization.

Some of the specific tasking required to manage a Project Portfolio is listed below.

Sharepoint project management

Manage Proposed Projects Pipeline Score and prioritize project proposals. This is a quick way to gauge the cost, benefit and risk of the project so you know how much effort should go into it and the organizational alignment required for project success.

You also score this proposed project against other proposals competing for the same budget pool to determine how to best allocate your investment dollars. Vet out whether the project business case is sound, solves a well-defined business problem and provides value to stakeholders both internal and external.

Does the project advance the greater goals of the organization? Exception Reporting — This regularly goes out to all the project managers and owners to identify any critical data points missing from their projects.


This will also provide project managers and owners with a status of their project requests as well as a summary of the changes and recommendations as a result of portfolio reviews. Portfolio Reviews — These are done with a leadership or governance committee who has the authority to move the projects through each phase and make major changes to the cost, scope, and schedule of the project.

A Project Portfolio Management solution must provide support for managing multiple capital investment initiatives from a single, enterprise-wide system.

This is a more centralized approach resulting in a single source of the truth for a project and associated project portfolio information, as well as provides the transparency of performance needed by management to monitor progress versus the strategic plan.

All critical meta-data and other supporting data for each project can be stored and secured in SharePoint Lists. This data includes project name, project description, executive owner, business problem, business benefits, project risks, current status, proposed and actual budgets and any other relevant project information.


In additional to data stored in SharePoint Lists, other documents required by standard PMO processes can be uploaded and attached to each project. The data and documents can then be secured by organization, project, user group or even specific users.

By establishing a project structure with certain project information being required, project guidelines and governance can be built into your PPM solution in SharePoint. SharePoint Workflows can be configured to enforce a project review and approval process that involves the PMO as well as the owning business unit or other organization.

Workflows can also be leveraged to scan project data, identify missing data and then send notifications to project owners and sponsors highlighting the missing project information.

Visibility to Investments One of the key investment decision points for Executive Leadership is the ability to view project budget information across the enterprise or across a business unit.

This enables the leadership team to prioritize projects and then fund those projects that fit within their Cap Ex and Op Ex budgets for a portfolio year. All of the Cap Ex and Op Ex data can be stored in SharePoint for each project and then rendered in Executive Views that summarize that data for budget planning and forecasting as well as for decision making purposes.

This budget data can also be exported into Excel for further analysis through filtering and pivoting of data. This data can be rendered in a Red-Amber-Green RAG dashboard view where the leadership team can focus on project exceptions Amber or Red Status that may require their immediate support or actions.

This dashboard can focus on key project metrics such as scope, schedule, budget and quality or be based upon other metrics set by the PMO and Executive Leadership. Portfolio Review Meeting participants and Meeting notes can then be captured in SharePoint to provide direction to business unit owners, functional owners and project managers on the results of the Portfolio Review.

Notifications can also be triggered based upon the results of the Portfolio Review. Additionally, having visibility into your Cap Ex and Op Ex budgets across your project portfolio helps to ensure you are investing in those projects with the highest benefit and value to the organization and that your overall project portfolio fits within your organizational budget constraints.Learn about the PowerShell cmdlets you need to manage SharePoint Server or SharePoint Online.

Move your data to the cloud. Migrate data from either your on-premises file shares or SharePoint Server to SharePoint Online. BrightWork is a project management software on SharePoint that offers visibility and control with a project portfolio management dashboard and report automation.

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