Strategies for gathering and evaluating sources essay

Evaluating Sources Use credible research sources to strengthen your arguments. Sometimes your instructor will require you to incorporate certain types of resources into your research, but for other assignments, you will be looking for sources on your own. Inaccurate, questionable, or out-of-date sources can undermine your ideas and cause the reader to question your authority on your topic.

Radio and television programs and other audio and video recordings Online discussion groups The techniques you use to locate print resources can also help you find electronic resources efficiently. You can locate these materials in the catalog using a keyword search.

The same Boolean operators used to refine database searches can help you filter your results in popular search engines. Using Internet Search Engines Efficiently When faced with the challenge of writing a research paper, some students rely on popular search engines as their first source of information.

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Typing a keyword or phrase into a search engine instantly pulls up links to dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of related websites—what could be easier? Unfortunately, despite its apparent convenience, this research strategy has the following drawbacks to consider: Results do not always appear in order of reliability.

The first few hits that appear in search results may include sites whose content is not always reliable, such as online encyclopedias that can be edited by any user. Because websites are created by third parties, the search engine cannot tell you which sites have accurate information.

Results may be too numerous for you to use. The amount of information available on the web is far greater than the amount of information housed within a particular library or database.

Realistically, if your web search pulls up thousands of hits, you will not be able to visit every site—and the most useful sites may be buried deep within your search results.

Search engines are not connected to the results of the search. Search engines find websites that people visit often and list the results in order of popularity.

The search engine, then, is not connected to any of the results. When you cite a source found through a search engine, you do not need to cite the search engine. Only cite the source.

A general web search can provide a helpful overview of a topic and may pull up genuinely useful resources.

Strategies for gathering and evaluating sources essay

To get the most out of a search engine, however, use strategies to make your search more efficient. Use multiple keywords and Boolean operators to limit your results. Click on the Advanced Search link on the homepage to find additional options for streamlining your search.

Depending on the specific search engine you use, the following options may be available: Limit results to websites that have been updated within a particular time frame.

Limit results by language or country. Limit results to scholarly works available online. Limit results by file type. Limit results to a particular domain type, such as. This is a quick way to filter out commercial sites, which can often lead to more objective results.

Use the Bookmarks or Favorites feature of your web browser to save and organize sites that look promising.

Strategies for gathering and evaluating sources essay

Using Other Information Sources: Interviews With so many print and electronic media readily available, it is easy to overlook another valuable information resource: Consider whether you could use a person or group as a primary source.

For instance, you might interview a professor who has expertise in a particular subject, a worker within a particular industry, or a representative from a political organization.

Interviews can be a great way to get firsthand information. To get the most out of an interview, you will need to plan ahead. Contact your subject early in the research process and explain your purpose for requesting an interview.

Open-ended questions, rather than questions with simple yes-or-no answers, are more likely to lead to an in-depth discussion. Take careful notes and be ready to ask follow-up questions based on what you learn. Tip If scheduling an in-person meeting is difficult, consider arranging a telephone interview or asking your subject to respond to your questions via e-mail.

Recognize that any of these formats takes time and effort. Be prompt and courteous, avoid going over the allotted interview time, and be flexible if your subject needs to reschedule. Evaluating Research Resources As you gather sources, you will need to examine them with a critical eye.

Smart researchers continually ask themselves two questions:Strategies for Gathering and Evaluating Sources Evaluate three sources for your final project by completing this worksheet. Your responses provide the information you need to complete the annotated bibliography for your Week Three assignment.

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Use credible research sources to strengthen your arguments.

In general, a book published by a university press is likely but not necessarily more trustworthy than mass-market books that are written in a hurry to make a quick profit. Gathering and Evaluating Information Associate Level Material Appendix I Strategies for Gathering Information Fill in the following information for each of your sources: • .

Evaluating Sources Use credible research sources to strengthen your arguments. Sometimes your instructor will require you to incorporate certain types of resources into your research, but for other assignments, you will be looking for sources on your own.

35 A. GATHERING AND ANALYZING EVIDENCE Use these strategies during the unit.

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Once students understand the prompt and have begun to form opinions on the broad issues, they are ready to dig into the historical content. Sep 15,  · How to Write an Evaluation Essay. What is an Evaluation Paper? Source. Steps in Writing.

Finding Criteria for Evaluation Essays. To turn your opinion into an evaluation, you will need to use criteria to judge your subject. Look at “How to Write and Evaluation Essay” Organization Strategies.

Which of these will you use? Explain how Reviews:

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